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FORGED book icon for books menu list FORGED book description:

Justice is best served messy. Sometimes love is too.

To the people who prey on the innocent, the mundane, and the “lesser;” whose brute savagery escapes the scales of justice, time and time again; who place no value on a human life…

They’re coming for you.

Born a generation ago, a Brotherhood – bound by loyalty and honor, forged in the fires of conviction, hellbent on vengeance, and determined to right the overlooked wrongs.

Forge – a Brother born; committed to those impenetrable bonds of Brotherhood, yet torn between crossing the fine line of justice, and remaining the man he was born to be.

Rosie – the obsession who threatens to shatter it all.

In the end… EVERYTHING is connected.

WARNING: This book is intended only for readers 18+. It is gritty and dark, with graphic scenes of violence, erotic sexual situations, as well as themes and triggers unsuitable for all audiences. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.
This is Book One in the Jurors Brotherhood series. Each book CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE, though there are plot elements and characters that carry over into the remaining books of the series.


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