After a long hiatus…

I’ve been gone awhile.

So long, in fact, that I’ve lost credibility, relevancy, and a lot of bookmarks to websites and writerly resources I haven’t used in a year or two. I also forgot a plethora of formatting know-hows, passwords, and…what’s my pseudonym again?

So where’ve I been?

To keep a long, painful story as short and painless as I can, I will simply tell you that my grandmother who I was the caregiver for was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma.

She passed on from this life in September.

Cut to –> now: Writing.

In the process of getting things cleaned up and squared away, I turned my focus to cleaning up and squaring away my writing for the Jurors Brotherhood. Readers were requesting MORE about the original Jurors men, and in order to oblige that, I decided to write their stories in novellas to be published in the “in between time” of the full-length novels of the present day Jurors Brotherhood. This meant separating the original preface from Forged (which contains the story of the horrific fates of Michael Parcelle and his family), and creating it into its own novella (now titled Beginnings 0.5).

I’ve also finished up the plot writing of Beginnings 1.5, and am ready to begin editing and finalizing it for publication.

I have a solid running start on Exigent (Jurors Brotherhood #2) which is scheduled to publish this summer.

I also have the plots outlined for the remaining eight books in the series, as well as for two of the novellas.

All I can do is keep writing, and work toward forward-moving progression.


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