Beginnings 1.5 (Jurors Brotherhood)

Beginnings 1_5 Book Cover

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Origin is one thing. Survival is another.

Today, the Jurors Brotherhood delivers valiant retribution at violent ends like a well-oiled machine, but the early years of the organization were riddled with personal demons, betrayal, and greed. All threatened its extinction. Where lesser men would have failed, even strong men floundered.

The tests of endurance required to prove the Brotherhood’s survival in vigilantism did not come easy, and the road toward avenging Michael’s family’s murders will be long.

This is the continued account of those earliest years.



CONTENT WARNING: This book is intended only for readers 18+. It is gritty and dark, with graphic scenes of violence, explicit sexual situations, infidelity, vile language, and politically incorrect ideals and speech, as well as themes and triggers, unsuitable for all audiences. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

This is the first novella of the Jurors Brotherhood intended to enhance the series by providing further insight to the foundation of the organization. It can be read as a standalone, but chronologically succeeds events that occurred in the original preface of Forged (Jurors Brotherhood #1). It follows the founding members of the Jurors Brotherhood, and does not directly correlate with the full books of the series.

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