About the Author

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I wish I could say I write for all readers, but in truth, I do not. The stories I tell are for those readers who read to experience life’s harsh complexities from the relative safety of the book page.
I do this because I cannot deny my characters the truth of their stories. In a way, my writer’s mind feels a duty to tell the story as the characters tell it to me, and to do otherwise would be an injustice to the story, to the characters, and to the reader.
Because of this, I write hard things.
At times, I write things that bring discomfort; things that break the heart; things that sicken the stomach; and things that infuriate. I don’t do this for the shock factor, or to exploit the real-life scenarios of these things, but I do so to expose truths relative to the perspective in which they come to me.
When I’m not writing, I’m a wife, and a mother, and am really quite “normal.” (Normality being subjective, of course.)